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KATHMANDU Though I didn´t have any assignments in Kathmandu, I visited many nice places there, like Monkey Temple and Boudhanath. Those visits was part of my Language and Culture course and guided by my teacher Pratima Pratima, teacher of Language and Culture course in Monkey temple, Kathmandu. Monks in Monkey temple Boudhanath Woman polishing cups for candles used in worship rituals. Boudhanath, Kathmandu Florwers used for rituals Preyer, Boudhanath. People have to use mask on their face for the dust in Kathmandu One day there was event in National Academic House in Kathmandu, quite near Thamel, so it would be easy for me to come there. I decided not to take taxi. In city like Kathmandu eve


CHANDRAGIRI HILL Gurkha player on the street playing Sarangi, the instrument played commonly in Gurkha villages

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