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Now when sitting in living room, and listenning today´s news about corona virus on radio, and reading Helsingin Sanomat, it feels good to recall the days when there wasn´t serious risk in travelling, as it is now. In 2013 I was in Rome, the treasure chest for photographers. Remains of thousands of years can be seen and the city is full on details to shoot, with thousands of stories to tell. I know there´s thousands of photos like this, or at least from Colosseum, why not to take one more. I wasn´t the only one, who wanted to see Vatican that day. I was lucky one I went there early in the morning to have guided tour I was bought before my trip, so I didn´t have to waste time in queues. Vatica


SPRING FESTIVAL, CHINESE NEW YEAR SYMPHONY CONCERT, Finlandia Hall 27.1.2020 CHINESE FRIENDSHIP NEW YEAR GALA, Kulttuuritalo 23.1.2020 As a member of Finland-China Artists Association I was asked to take photos in the events of China 70 anniversary. As usually, it was volunteer work and money was not paid, but because I am so crazy for photography I take every chance to take photos as a new challenge, and try to learn something. There was very nice events, like Chinese Friendship Association New Year Gala and the Spring Festival Chinese New Year Symphony Concertl, the concert of Turku Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Lv Jia, the Chinese conductor of China National Theatre and Macau Orches

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